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We publish lovingly-compiled ‘Long Weekend’ and 24/7 Neelum velley tour guides and amazing packages to all our favourite destinations, as well as fresh and insightful Packages on the quirkiest crazes, the most intriguing experiences and the best nightlife our boundless curiosity can uncover. And because everyone needs to smell the flowers – and not the coffee – once in a while, we like to offset our Neelumtourguide with the occasional jaunt in the great outdoors in our Escape section.Book a Tour package from our packages list for Swat, Murree, Naran, Skardu, Hunza, Neelum Valley, Rawalakot on a single call at 0336-8393243/0334-0556114. Neelum Valley most attractive tourist destination but Naran Kaghan offers best weather during the hot summers. We are giving more and more opportunities and places for our customers to visit. Latest explored attraction is Chikar Azad Kashmir with day trips to Sudan Gali and Ganga Choti. You can also book tour packages at or contact at We are offering tour packages since 2010 and now we are leading tour operators working in northern areas of Pakistan.